Our offered range of products are perfectly paired with any salad, as well as soup and roast vegetables, just to name a few! 

This is the perfect product if you are wanting to add any texture or flavour to anything you are whipping up! 

These great products are supplied in handy retail packs, which are easily resealable.  Great for a bbq or just adding texture and flavour to that everyday dish.

Try this fantastic new product today in most of your nearest Countdowns

We currently offer a range of eight different flavours.​ 

Sun Dried Tomato Croutons

​Garlic & Herb Croutons

Crispy Onions

Mediterranean Sprinkles

Salsa Sprinkles 

Smoky Sprinkles

Wasabi Sprinkles

Onion Bhaji 

All products are Vegan and Dairy Free!!